The first HTS satellites networked together in a low-earth-orbit constellation for industries, worldwide.

LeoSat Responds to National Science Foundation RFI for Antarctic Broadband Network
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June 14th 2016

Press Release: LeoSat Appoints Diederik Kelder as SVP, Corporate and Business Development
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March 7th 2016

Press Release: LeoSat Names Ronald van der Breggen as Chief Commercial Officer
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January 18, 2016

Press Release: LeoSat Enterprises, Inc., a company launching the first networked HTS satellites in low-earth-orbit constallation has named industry veteran Mark Rigolle as the company’s new chief executive office.
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September 9, 2015

New satellite constellation venture LeoSat will provide high-speed, low-latency and highly secure data communications to business users around the world
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September 9, 2015

Building the most secure, high performance data network over Earth.
78 low Earth orbiting networked satellites


LeoSat is changing what can be expected from satellite-based data networking. LeoSat offers Point-to-Point or Point-to-multi-Point, highly secured, extreme performance, worldwide networking. What is extreme performance? LeoSat's constellation of 78+ Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites provide the most secure, fastest data network in the world. LeoSat offers coverage of every point on Earth with gigabit, low latency, no congestion data routes that are completely secured from end to end. LeoSat's VPN offerings include point-to-point and point to multi-point to and from anywhere on Earth. LeoSat's connections around the world average 35-40% lower latency that fiber routes where they exist and require no local links. LeoSat is targeting business customers with our managed door to door secured data network, which for the first time allows a business to connect to their worldwide operations with completely secure high-performance backbone. The network allows businesses to deploy cloud based solutions worldwide, as well as operate real-time transactional database services. The LeoSat offering introduces a new class of service for satellite data transport. Not only does the LeoSat constellation offer multi-gigabit, low latency networking, it also provides synchronous connections with equal upload and download speeds. A real-world comparison of the LeoSat constellation performance can be found by comparing a specific route. The fastest fiber route from London to Tokyo has 180+ms latency, plus any local latency introduced by the local loop to the addresses on each end. LeoSat will provide data between any specific location in London to any specific location in Tokyo (door to door) with latency of 100ms. This includes an unprecedented level of security from end to end.

LeoSat Mission

The LeoSat constellation provides worldwide coverage with a cost effective, extremely high speed, low latency, strongly secured data network that sets new standards in satellite performance. The system provides point to point data connections to and from anywhere on earth without the need of any terrestrial landings nor transport. The data will be able to travel in its native form; however, it is encrypted and secured from end to end.

LeoSat Key Differences

Low Delay (Latency of < 50ms)

Multiple satellite redundancy

Interconnected satellites with intelligent routing

Customer links are up to 1.2Gbs synchronous connections worldwide.

The satellites use a patent pending integrated network with ISLs provisioned sufficiently to transport a full client load anywhere in the world.

New generation of client stations using electronic beam steering.

Client stations are solid state with no moving parts.

Client stations are self-initializing and can handle multiple beams simultaneously.

Low cost, easy deployable client antenna.

Extremely high speed inter-satellite links.

The only system that can provide 4G backhaul in its native form and comply with the LTE standards.

Proven, highly successful satellite platform (bus).

Primary Markets


Oil & Gas

Exploration and Production

Telecom Backhaul and Trunking, all types, including 4G

Enterprise VSAT

Alternate to the Internet

Fastest network around the world by far.